casa 3The hacienda of Santa Barbara called The Ice Pits of Constantine is a fabulous old building with exceptional historical, industrial and social value for the region.

Due to its orientation north, two big pits were constructed to maintain ice produced in small pools outside, during wintertime, providing ice to the Seville City. Striking is that these pits are incorporated in the building, to form one constructional, harmonious site. On the facade one can still find the escudo of Seville dated from 1696 and referring to the time when the building was property of the city, Below the escudo is a marble plate with inscription that the” Ilustrisimo Cabildo y Regirniento of Seville” bought the building, with its wells and water, in 1684, the period when Carlos II was the King of Spain. Got the privilege in 1694 of his M.R. to produce ice, a purpose for which the building was particularly suited.


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